Vendor Spotlight | Bunn DJ Company

It's not a party until theres some good music playing. That's exactly what Bunn DJ Company brings to the table; good tunes and even better times. We're beyond excited to announce their participation in the 2017 Richmond Wedding Crashers Tour.

Bunn DJ Company is a full time DJ service owned by Frank Guertler who has been professionally DJ-ing private and nightlife events in Richmond for years (including a current residency at The Tobacco Company Club). Frank and the rest of the Bunn DJ crew in Richmond love sharing their passion for music by rocking everything from corporate casino nights to weddings.

Bunn DJ Company is located in Richmond and is staffed with working professional DJ’s who have experience rocking all types of events in Virginia.  

The DJ’s at Bunn DJ Company live to provide our clients with fist-pumping, loud-singing, dance floor-bouncing weddings. Our team consists of young DJ's who have professional experience in rocking weddings and private events of all kinds around Richmond and beyond.

Well, really we can do it all. Need great music in your store on a busy shopping day? Boom, we have you covered. Need a great DJ to mix for your club or bar? Boom, we have a DJ for that, too! 

Bunn DJ Company offers professional DJ/MC services and lighting for weddings and private events of all types in Richmond, but we love to travel too! 

Q: I see there are various Bunn DJ Company locations, where will be my DJ's be coming from?
A: Unless we are completely booked all of our DJs are located in Richmond or the greater Richmond area.

Q: What types of services can you provide?
A: We have the equipment and personnel to cover your ceremony, wedding, private event and even have lighting services to make your event stand out.

Q: Is the person we talk to the person who will be DJing our event?
A: Of course! We aren’t a booking agency, the person you meet with will be your DJ, and will be available to meet you in person at our office, via phone/Skype/FaceTime, or can come to you depending on where you're located.

"I do what I do because to me music is life, it can set the tone for an event, link a memory or provide someone with their new favorite song. I love seeing people have a great time to the music I've chosen or introduced to them and I completely believe that the right music can create the prefect atmosphere for an event. “

-Frank Guertler