Vendor Spotlight | Alex Tenser Photography

There are many important things that go into a wedding in order to make it memorable and special and making sure you find the right person to capture it all is crucial. From the hidden moments you might have missed to the must-have group shots, a photographer who really gets you and your partner is a priority that can't be overlooked. That is why we're super excited to announce our first photographer of the 2017 Richmond tour, Alex Tenser! 

Photo by  Cassie Rosch

Photo by Cassie Rosch

My goal as a wedding photographer is to create raw and artful imagery for the modern romantic that dares to be authentic. 
Chic. Swag. Legit. Just a few descriptors of some of my favorite clients and some of my favorite images. I love taking a modern approach to such a classic and timeless tradition. I compose a natural and stylish record of the day hunting down those authentic moments that validate the truth in my clients and the truth in how they love. When you view my work, my hope is that you don't just see how the day looked, more importantly my wish is that the images evoke how the day felt. Simple and bold photographs that you will want to hang on your walls and in your heart. 
I love getting to know my clients beforehand so that we can create a level of trust on the wedding day. This ensures that you feel at ease and comfortable with me and produces the environment that allows the truest version of yourselves to shine through. I'm actively involved in helping to plan the structure and timeline of the day to make sure that nothing is rushed and that we are allocating enough time for creative portraits and a calm setting. For a majority of the day, I'll be a fly on the wall. Taking a photojournalistic approach to the more intimate moments that are occurring, only stepping in to swipe a stray hair from your face or to tell you to stand in a lovely pocket of light. I'll direct family formals to keep everyone looking their best and then move into my favorite part of the day, your newlywed portrait time and the long awaited dance party!
Some of the best parts of a wedding are the untraditional blips that my clients infuse into their day. Quirks that scream who they are and nods to memories that helped shape them. The nuances that frame your story. There is immense beauty in the in-between. All the little bits that lead up to what you have planned. Your Dad extending his hand as you get out of the car, the wind whipping your veil into the air, the flower girl yawning during the ceremony. Those are the moments that I strive to freeze forever. 
Above everything though, my objective is to capture the joy of the day. A wedding is a celebration of decisions after all, and a huge party is the best way to say '#nailedit!' The hugs, the dance moves, the happy tears. For a lot of people, this is one of the few times in their lives that all of their friends and family will be in one space together. I love handing over a tangible and epic reminder of that notion, memories that you can hold and substance that makes you say 'This is us.' 

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