Vendor Spotlight | A Sharper Palate

To many people, the food being served at a wedding or event is one of the most important things and the service that goes along with it is just as essential. The polished team at A Sharper Palate is just that- exquisite, delicious food and exceptional, professional service that takes care of business from the moment you book them to the last bite and beyond! We were lucky enough to have them be a part of the Richmond Wedding Crashers Tour this year and after working alongside their team, we can only sing their praises! 

At A Sharper Palate, catering isn’t just our business, it’s our obsession. And this approach is what sets us apart from our competition. We believe that being "good enough" simply isn't good enough---both in terms of the quality of our foods and the relationships with our customers. We begin each journey with the first inquiry to our company, expanding upon the road to excellence by utilizing quality ingredients in our kitchen, revising our proposals until they are just right, and maintaining positive professionalism until the last guest has departed.

Our events team is extremely well versed in all aspects of event design and management. We work with other vendors to seamlessly integrate every detail of your event for a truly cohesive and memorable experience. While we are known as a fine off premise catering company, we can provide comprehensive event planning within and beyond the scope of Richmond as a sole service, exclusive of other services offered at A Sharper Palate.

At A Sharper Palate Catering, we believe that weddings are one of the most important events you will ever plan for. As you begin you planning journey, let us travel with you to help make your wedding day exceptional, stress free and above all, memorable.