Crasher Certified!

“The Wedding Crashers Tour gave us an opportunity to connect with men in a way we usually aren’t able to at other wedding events. The event was intimate enough that we were able to bring our most popular bands and let men try them on in a relaxed environment. This is something that rarely happens as when they’re in the store the first time they’re in picking a ring for someone else. It was nice to chat with the grooms about their style and connect with them during the wedding planning process post engagement ring purchase, but pre-band purchase.”

Jessica Black, Diamonds Direct
2016 Sponsor

"I enjoyed the planning and execution of the Wedding Crashers 2016 Tour.  All the "friendors" were terrific.  From the set up to the tear down and EVERYTHING in between went smoothly and near seamlessly.  Our venue was gorgeous and I personally got a lot of positive feedback from the couples that attended.  I will most definitely plan to participate in 2017!"

Patrick Hagerich, Classic Party Rentals of VA
Team Branch, 2016

“We loved our experience with the 2016 Wedding Crasher’s Tour! The hands on and innovative approach to this active tour gave us the chance to be creative, introduce new inventory, along with the opportunity to collaborate with a few vendors we have not had the chance to work with before. Attendees felt comfortable mingling, sitting in the lounge areas, and asking how certain set ups could work for their own wedding. It was chance to show clients the type of events we are capable of putting on rather than showing what we have done in the past. We loved our experience and can’t wait for the next one!”

Morgan Montgomery and Perkins Morgan, Paisley & Jade
Category Exclusive, 2016

"I loved being a part of the tour! It was a great fit for me.  I had the opportunity to chat with couples that were immersed in a unique experience, searching for vendors that might be a good fit for their own celebration. Since the environment is so inviting, it gave me a chance to really connect with attendees and learn more about their plans. Plus, it was amazing to get to work with and develop relationships with new vendors. Just a few days later I ended up booking with one of the couples I met on the tour - and their quirky personalities were a perfect fit for my style!”

Stephanie Yonce, Stephanie Yonce Photography
Team Frontier Project, 2016


First and foremost, a HUGE thank you for conceptualizing this groundbreaking event! From start to finish, the first Wedding Crashers Tour was absolute PERFECTION. I cannot begin to explain what it meant to me personally to be pampered for the day.  I feel honored to have been an attendee among such creative genius. Every location was a masterpiece in and of itself, offering fabulous cocktails to start, delectable palate pleasers for us to nosh on that seemed to never need replenishing, fabulous entertainment, and awe-inspiring beauty and creativity. The fact that were were chauffeured between the venues is just the icing on the cake! To see the scope of what each vendor can do, in harmony with the others in an actual reception atmosphere makes all the difference in the world. I am so looking forward to contacting several of the vendors I met today to discuss my wedding vision, and sign some contracts!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Ashley Millner, BRIDE Tour 2015